hail damage repair tips

Know Where to Turn When Hail Strikes

If your vehicle has sustained hail or even acorn damage, Dent Dominator can certainly help you. Almost every insurance company recognizes and recommends Paintless Dent Removal to their policy holders. This will be considered a comprehensive claim which does not harm your rates, like filing a collision claim can and often does.

It’s best to involve your insurance company immediately so that they can start your claim thus moving your process along much more quickly. Usually within a few days they can examine your car’s damage, create the repair order and authorize us to make your repair.

Before Meeting With Your Insurance Adjuster Check Off These Items

  1. Wash your car. This will enable the claims adjuster to more easily find ALL the dents.
  2. Ask the claims adjuster to allow you to help them find the dents. Two sets of eyes will be better than one so you can avoid missing any dents on the body panels or trim pieces.
  3. Look for broken, cracked or even missing paint. These panels will require conventional repair to be correctly fixed. (We work with many body shops where both PDR and conventional repair are done within the same claim – this is a common occurrence).

Following these suggestions will certainly help you with getting the fairest and most correct estimate the first time, expediting the process along more quickly for all parties. Remember the insurance company is the check writer so getting in contact with them first moves the situation along more quickly for you in the end.

Remember, you make the final choice as to who gets to make the repair.